Planting our organic garden

We came home from a 2 week vacation to a garden that had been over run by weeds and rogue sunflower plants but no veggies. We weren’t able to get the garden planted before our trip so our little seedlings had to wait for us to get home to be planted. Our garden will be loaded up with lots of tomatoes for eating and canning, sweet and hot peppers for yummy fresh salsa and freezing, lots of kale for green smoothies and freezing, squash, cabbage for sauerkraut & kimchee, brussel sprouts, broccoli, basil, parsley, cilantro, onions, garlic, swiss chard (this will be planted in the flower beds because its so pretty,) radishes, beets and lettuces. I think that’s it.


The last several years we have been planting our veggies in mounds with walkways in between. In theory you should be able to walk in between the rows but once the tomato plants take over it’s hard to get through.


To help cut back on weeds we lay a layer of newspapers then some type of mulch on top. In the past we’ve used straw, or bags of hardwood mulch but this year we’re using leaves that we pilfered from other people’s yards. This also helps keep some of the moisture in the ground.


These are the leftover seedlings that just didn’t fit in our nice mounded rows. Now Dan will start sneaking them into my flower beds and clay pots all over the yard plus the neighbors yards. He’s just like Johnny Appleseed!


Here’s our temporarily messy compost area:

In the back corner are more bags of pilfered leaves, and underneath them, all of last years compost covered up and left to cook all of this year. We used the compost that had cooked the previous year when we planted the garden.

In the middle, underneath the umbrella, is the working compost pile where I throw all my fruit and veggie scraps, old bread, coffee grounds, egg shells, everything the vacuum picks up, and plant debris from around the yard. It is full right now with layers of leaves and manure but that will shrink down to make room for a years worth of compostable stuff.

Then next to that is the compost tumbler that we really don’t use too much. It’s about to be filled up with all the weeds that we pulled from the garden. We keep the weeds out of the regular compost because Dan doesn’t think it gets hot enough to kill off the weed seeds. Ideally the tumbler should kill them off while making lots of great compost for the garden.


And last but not least Dan with Ann drinking a beer that Daniel left behind from his time alone at the house.



3 thoughts on “Planting our organic garden

  1. our garder sadly is not as good as last years.. 😦 but we have plenty of tomatoes around the yard too bad we dont can

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