weekly CSA

I had written a past post about how I grocery shop, one of the big contributors to our summer shopping is going to the local farmers market and picking up our weekly CSA (community supported agriculture.) We belong to the Sippel Family Farm CSA, it costs us $620, that we pay through the winter months, for a full share and that gives us about 26 weeks of produce.

This year I plan on sharing our weekly bounty so others can see what exactly we get from our CSA and also so I know what I don’t need to plant in the garden next year.

This past Sat was our first CSA pick up, it usually starts out and finishes off with smaller deliveries but it really grows in the midst of summer.

This week we got a head of red leaf lettuce, some Kale (flat leaf with purple stems,) Bok Choy, and a few sprigs of Mint:



5 thoughts on “weekly CSA

  1. Then you need to follow up by giving your recipes. I’d like to see you do one of those recipes that uses all of your CSA ingredients. The weekly challenge.

    • That is a good idea, I’ll start including what my plans are for the veggies each week. For this week the kale was all used up in my morning smoothies. The Bok Choy is going into some kimchee that Dan plans on making. The mint is sitting on my window sill on a small vase of water and the lettuce will be used in a salad tonight. If I liked Mojitos I could use the mint in that but I don’t and I’m still trying to lose some more weight before North Carolina so it will probably just sit int eh vase. Ooh I could just add some to my smoothies. I’ll try that tomorrow.

  2. I started the new diet today.. I made a smoothie Isa drank the last of the milk so I had to improvise.. I think I would like it creamier. Im going to buy some skim milk

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