Making Hula Hoops

My friend Kristen over at Pepper Paints has been talking a lot about hula hoops; making them, learning to use them, doing tricks with them and it all has inspired me to make and learn how to Hula. So I went and picked up the recommended supplies at Lowes, invited a bunch of friends over and had at it:


Making the hoops was really easy, only takes a few minutes and ends up costing about $2.00 per hoop. You just need irrigation tubing, connectors and some pretty tape for decoration (all can be found at Lowes.) You can also put rice inside to make a nice noise or water to make it much easier to spin.



While Thomas had no problem picking up a hoop and spinning away, I just couldn’t get the hang of it.



I did a little bit better with some help from Beth, but I’m still pretty pitiful. The water hoop really does make it much easier! The bigger and heavier the hoop the easier it is.


Now Thomas is just showing off, 6 hoops, really?

IMG_0066 IMG_0070 IMG_0080 IMG_0099

Beth also had no problem with it. She hardly moves her little body and it just keeps going forever. She likes to challenge people to see who can keep it going the longest.



Thomas, being a typical boy, has to battle even while he’s using  a hula hoop. Hula Hooping is not a contact sport!



Fun was had by all!


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