This week’s CSA and market purchases

This week we got spinach, kale, bok choy, green onions, lettuce and more mint. So what are my plans for these veggies. Well Dan never put together his kimchee from last week so I’ll probably get that started and add this weeks bok choy along with last weeks (and the daikon radishes we bought from the market.)

We’re going to a memorial day party and I was asked to bring Caesar salad, instead of going and buying Romaine lettuce, I’ll use the green lettuce mixed with some of the other lettuces I have in the fridge. Here’s a link to my Caesar Salad dressing recipe.

The mint replaced what was left of last weeks mint in the vase in my kitchen window. I did add some to a strawberry/ lemon smoothie last week and it was very yummy, so I’ll do that again.

And last but not least, my favorite, the kale will be added to daily smoothies.


We also bought 4 pints of organic strawberries, so juicy and sweet!


And Dan wanted to try some bison so we bought bison hotdogs (no nitrates or MSG’s added) and bison burgers. Dan made the bison burgers last night and very much enjoyed them.

We also usually buy cheese; this week we got baby Swiss and habenero cheese.


Plus I bought 3 white creeping thyme plants to plant in between my stones in the walkway going to my neighbors house. That plant is supposed to survive being walked on, if it works it will make the walkway much prettier.

My plan for this year is to take $40 with me to the market and not spend any more. Yesterday we spent $10 on strawberries, $10 on cheese, $10 on my 3 plants, and about $9 on the meat.

For more information about this CSA please contact:

Ben and Lisa Sippel

Sippel Family Farm



4 thoughts on “This week’s CSA and market purchases

  1. I see we have something in common as I’m also a green smoothie fan. I also bought some thyme for my front porch and added rosemary, mint, oregano and some lemon grass. I really like the way it looks and that it’s so accessible to my kitchen.

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