Impromptu park visit

Sometimes its the unplanned evens that are the best. Yesterday I planned on taking the kids to COSI (Columbus’ science center) so we packed a lunch and met some friends there. As we pulled up we saw the line of school buses which was our first indication that we had picked a bad day. Too many field trips does not make for a good museum experience. Then as we were getting our tickets we noticed that the kids favorite spot, the outdoor play area was closed for the day. Oh well, we headed upstairs to their second favorite spot, Gadgets Cafe to sign up for a session where you can take apart electronics or build your own creation, only to find that was also closed for the day. We wandered around a bit waiting for our friends, who were also disappointed because the traveling exhibit, Titanic was too expensive for them to see and Grossology their favorite exhibit had already left COSI. Man talk about a dud! But my friend and I still left the 6 kids to find something to entertain themselves while we walked along the river for a little bit.

While we were out walking another friend texted us and suggested we should leave COSI and meet then a couple mile south of it at the new Scioto Audubon Metro Park. We were game so we headed back towards COSI texting the kids that if they wanted to leave we would be back soon and we could go check out a new park. They were also agreeable so off we went.

And boy were we all glad we did. It was AWESOME!!!



We only spent a few minutes exploring the inside of the building, what was really calling to the kids was the playground and the climbing mountains. These were not playground type climbing walls. They were the real thing that you bring your own gear to climb. Of course, we didn’t actually have our own gear but luckily there were two climbers there that had already put up their ropes and offered to help the kids climb the mountain and belay for them.

IMG_0435 IMG_0442 IMG_0448 IMG_0451

They thought Beth would be the best one to go first because of her height. I on the other hand thought they were crazy! She was supposed to go up the one side scale across the bridge then continue onto the other side. Yikes!


She was really high up, have I mentioned that I’m scared of heights!


And this is when she fell off the mountain too many gasps from us on the ground. Good thing she had her safety ropes on!


She recovered a bit but not quite enough to continue on the climb. She was ready to come down at this point.


BJ also climbed the mountain but he did a straight up route and avoided the tricky bridge.


This is Olivia and BJ close to the top.


Olivia is traversing the bridge like a pro. She had joined a rock climbing group in college and has been practicing weekly. A little bit of training really helps!



BJ at the top of his climb.


Olivia on the other side of the bridge about to make it to the top of her route.


This was a fabulous park and we can’t wait to go back! Thomas didn’t even get a chance to play on the playground since he was too busy scaling the smaller mountains. So we’ll be back soon!



2 thoughts on “Impromptu park visit

  1. Hey, we wanna go next time! I’ve been meaning to go down there – I’ve heard only good things about it. 🙂

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