Summer of Bowling

This is going to be the summer of bowling. I bought this great deal from Groupon, for $40 we get free bowling all summer including the shoes at 10 Pin Alley & Spikes. What a deal! I’ve already taken the kids twice and we are having a great time. We had some other friends that also bought the deal so we’ve been meeting them at the alley and bowling away. Already our scores are improving!

It is the cutest bowling alley that I have ever been too! they have quaint little couches to sit on and decor is really nice for a bowling alley.

IMG_0556 IMG_0557

They also have an executive chef that cooks the food, which looks a step up from regular bowling alley fare. On our second trip Beth did order French fries that were inhaled in about 30 second by all the kids.


Thomas who is normally a lefty found that if he mixes it up a bit and sometimes bowls with his right hand he does a bit better.

IMG_0575 IMG_0576

The kids are all watching a big screen TV that’s played cartoons both times we’ve been there. It’s a very family oriented atmosphere. And I love the music they’ve been playing its kind of a mix of oldies, classics and just enough pop that the kids also enjoy it.


Here’s BJ going for an almost impossible split.


BJ thinks he does best if he uses the heaviest ball he can find and he likes to have 2 balls so there is no lag waiting for the ball return. The boy bowls with a mission!


Beth missed our first bowling trip so she was a little bit behind. She mostly bowled gutters but so did the rest of us on our first day. She’ll do better the next time we go!


I love this picture! I’ve been playing with the settings on my camera trying to find a balance between the dark atmosphere, using just natural light and not having everything blur like crazy. This one was perfect!


Thomas is happy, he really likes bowling!


BJ taking aim…


and the pins go flying. He also likes to bowl for speed. The monitors show how fast you throw the ball and while the rest of us are usually at 8mph BJ sometimes got his going 21mph!


you’ll notice on this screen shot the 21.2 MPH! We also made up bowling names for the summer. BJ is Oblix, Hannah is Kitty, Thomas stuck with Thomas (not very creative,) I can’t remember Beth’s it was something weird and I’m Shera (Princess of Power, for those that don’t know.)


This is why he uses the heavier balls, his fingers don’t fit in anything lighter than a 14 pound ball.


I think this is going to be a family favorite for the summer, well that along with hula hooping, of course!


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