A wet day of fun

When the kids were little we spent a lot of time at parks, not so much anymore. But lately there have been weekly homeschool park days planned around the city and while we don’t actually know most the people at these meet ups (since my kids have really outgrown the park age) we still have been going in a hope to see some of our homeschooling friends.

The last play day was at one of our favorite parks, Homestead Park in Hilliard. It has an old fashioned wooden fort and during the warm weather the water is turned on. Their are water turrets (as the kids told me there called, how do they know that?) and a few water spigots for the kids that bring their own squirt guns plus lots of places to hide. Because when a battle ensues you do need places to hide!


I always hate when we’re at the park and my kids are the biggest kids there. I just know that all the other parents are thinking why don’t these big kids go away and leave the playground for the little kids. But they look like such a happy group how could you not want them playing with your kids?


Maybe because the battle seemed to be big kids against little kids and by little I mean preschoolers. Geez talk about unfair sides!


Once you claim a turret you do NOT want to give it up. Even when your mom is calling from the side telling you its time to share with someone else.


It was sometimes unclear who was on whose teams.


You need eyes all around, you never know when someone will be coming in on a sneak attack!

IMG_0718 IMG_0720

Beth really seems to be having a good time. She swore she had no plans to get wet when we were at the park. That lasted long enough for us to eat lunch then she was out with all the other kids.


Hmm we didn’t bring any squirt guns, where did BJ get this? Did he steal it from one of the little kids that were running around?


Nice Thomas, spray all the little people!


I kept hearing other kids yell to get the girls. Poor Beth she was a target because she’s a girl and the tallest one out there.


Drying off before we headed home. It was a fun and exhausting day.



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