Outdoor performances at the park

There is just something about packing a picnic dinner, laying out a blanket and watching an outdoor performance at dusk that says summer is here. We try to go every summer to Schiller Park for one of the Actors’ Theatre of Columbus, free outdoor performances. They do 3 summer performances; this year the shows are treasure Island, Much Ado About Nothing and Dark of the Moon.

This past Fri evening we went to see Treasure island, our first non-Shakespeare performance at the park. The kids all said they enjoyed it, Beth liked it even more than the Shakespeare ones. If the summer doesn’t get away from us we’ll head back next month to see Much Ado About Nothing.

But before the show started there was time for some fishing at the pond. Dan loves teaching little kids how to fish…


and sometimes they even catch something.


Chloe was very intent on the fishing and was more than happy to help Ros out with her catch.


The non-fishing kids were playing some kind of strange game on the tennis courts.


After all the playing the boys are ready for the show to start.


Beth just got a new phone and I’m not sure that she quit playing with it through the whole show.


What’s not to love about a show with pirates, sword fighting and very loud gun shots!

IMG_0816 IMG_0818


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