Columbus Arts Festival

Its been a few years since I’ve made it to the Columbus Arts Festival and now that I’ve been again I’m kicking myself for ever skipping a year. There were so many great artists with inspiring works, it makes me want to start working on my stained glass windows again. The kids, BJ, my mom and I all walked around the festival several times exploring everything there was to see.

Thomas returned twice to this booth to practice his didgeridoo playing. He kind of looked like he was going to explode when he was playing.


Then Thomas had to have a caricature done, Beth has several and I got one for BJ two years ago when we were in Seattle. So it was Thomas’ turn.


It maybe looks like an evil Thomas, i don’t know, i don’t really think it looks like him.

IMG_0864 IMG_0867

The boys made some spin art, BJ preferred a spin art that he did where the canvas was actually a Frisbee. We decided it would be cool to do spin art on a t-shirt.

IMG_0872 IMG_0882

The hit of the day for the kids was this street magician. He did some pretty cool things with those rings.


Then he attempted to chop off Thomas’ hand!


Thomas made great facial expressions through this whole thing. I think he should be on stage, he’s such a ham. You’ll notice there are also 2 carrots in there that also get chopped in half.

IMG_0906 IMG_0915

and here you see the carrots falling but luckily Thomas hand is still attached.


He came out of it unscathed.


This was a fun piece of living art. He mostly just stood there but every now and then he would sneak up on a little child to surprise them. Thomas swears he hit him with his golf club but I didn’t see that.

IMG_0888 IMG_0884

After the festival we did a quick walk through the Columbus Museum of Art (its free on Sundays) then we headed over to COSI to see Daniel at work and so the kids could do a few of the things that they like that were closed the last time we went. It was a long, exhausting but very fun day!


One thought on “Columbus Arts Festival

  1. Cool. Wish I’d made it down. Maybe next year. Thomas’ caricature looks a little like him. He doesn’t have a feature that should obviously be exploited. All of his features are… well…normal

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