COSI revisited

After the Arts Festival this weekend we headed over to COSI to give it another chance. The last time we went all of the kids favorite areas were closed. But not so this time, they got to do everything they wanted to.

Including hanging on the ropes that raise the car.

IMG_0924 IMG_0925

And doing science experiments in Gadget Cafe. #1 safety rule you HAVE to wear your goggles!


Thomas likes to do the experiments that explode or make a mess. So he did alka-seltzer in a container with soda and sent the film canister flying. And he dropped a Mentos into diet soda which caused soda to spray all over the table. Both of those experiments are fun to do at home (outdoors of course!)



G-ma loved the science experiments, this was her favorite part! G-ma, Beth & BJ worked there way through their book of experiments until the time was up.



Thomas and I left the cafe in time to see Daniel do the rat basketball presentation in the atrium. Daniel has been volunteering/ working at COSI since he was 10 years old (so for 9 years.)



G-ma, Beth & BJ made it down right before the show started. It’s always fun to see Daniel do the presentations. He has changed so much from the quiet little boy who wouldn’t speak to people to a very confident, well spoken young man. His time at COSI has really prepared him for any public speaking he has to do. He was just talking about how much easier it is for him to give class presentations because of his experiences at COSI.



After 6 hours of art and museums we were all exhausted!



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