Fun at Fort Rapids

Mom and I had promised the kids a day of water park fun so we planned on going to Zoombezi Bay the newer water park at the zoo. But with the temperatures dropping a bit we were worried that it would be too chilly for an outdoor water park. Instead we went to Fort Rapids indoor water park.



There was this amazing funnel type slide that looked like so much fun. So mom and I broke our rule of no water slides for us (we’re scaredy cats) to try it out. Mom and BJ headed to the top to go together and I stopped 1/2 way up to get some pictures before I went down.


I was waiting for them to shoot out of the slide and instead they came back down the stairs saying BJ felt sick. I think the heat, and strong chlorine smell, climb up many flights of stairs and sugary breakfast took its toll. So we all went and sat outside for about an hour waiting for him to feel better.


After the fresh air and some pizza he was ready to try it again. This time I did get my pictures. Here’s BJ & Thomas circling around.

P6080052 P6080055

And mom and Beth. Mom loved this water-slide. I on the other hand did try it out with Thomas and thought it was TERRIFYING! the tubes are all black which makes it completely pitch black, which I found terrifying. I came down the slide with my eyes closed (not sure how that helps) and screaming the whole time!


The kids were having fun taking underwater pictures.

P6080072 P6080075 P6080088

Mom, Thomas and I raced down this slide. We were very hesitant to go down since you have to lay on your tummy face first. I had fears of smashing all my teeth out (did I mention that I’m a scaredy cat.) But we survived and while it was not our favorite slide it was OK. Plus I won the race!


Thomas being rained on.


Our all time favorite part was the lazy river. Especially when we had all 3 kids floating around with us.

P6080100 P6080111

They really enjoyed splashing g-ma and holding her under all the little waterfalls.

P6080112 P6080113


You know when people say they just don’t take a good picture, well I’m serious, I really don’t. Why am I making such a weird face in every picture?

P6080123 P6080120 P6080118 P6080117 P6080124

And here’s BJ saying good bye to the water park…


and the water park’s response… (notice BJ down towards the bottom in the middle)


So as far as the water parks go; during the winter we went to CoCo Keys for a free after 3pm promotion (read about that trip here.) and while it was great since it was free. It was really geared towards little kids so it’s not a park we’ll be returning to (unless they maybe do another free promotion.) I did like the ambiance of the park in the evening, though. It had a very peaceful feel and the lighting was very calming.

Fort Rapids was really stuffy and smelled very strongly of chlorine. It had bigger slides that the kids really liked but it still only kept them occupied for a few hours then they feel like they’ve done it all (about a million times.) I’m glad we checked it out but I don’t see us returning for another visit.

I’m hoping to get to Zoombezi Bay this summer (the outdoor park.) Thomas has never been and it calls to him every time we go to the zoo. I think that will keep them occupied for a full day since there are so many different areas to play in.

We also get to go to the water park at Disney World this summer, so it will be interesting to see how different that one is.


2 thoughts on “Fun at Fort Rapids

  1. That big black slide looks like a giant bundt cake pan, or maybe I’m still thinking about cakes too much.
    You still looked beautiful in the photos even making funny faces.

  2. well I am very happy that I only had 1 chin, that seems to be the other problem with my pictures, multiple chins. 🙂

    BTW thanks for bring the extra cake over here that I can’t seem to resist eating even when I REALLY don’t want any!

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