Heading to the beach

I have been going to Emerald isle, North Carolina with Dan’s family (all 25 of us, including my clan) for 20 years. The first time I went I was pregnant with Daniel and I’ve gone every year since. There have been years in the past when I didn’t want to go, when the stress of being with 4 sisters-in-law was too much. But I would pack up my tub of books and spend lots of time reading and playing with the kids, while Dan fished. Those days of discontent have passed but I still bring my tub of books. Spending a week laying on the beach reading a stack of books is like heaven to me. Now that kids don’t need as much supervision I have more freedom to read and nap at will.

One thing that does seem to be consistent for our trips is some type of issue before we leave the house. We try to leave the house early for our 9 hour drive, when the kids were little it was so they would spend more time asleep in the car. Now as we’ve gotten older its because Dan prefers to drive early in the morning and get to the beach as soon as possible. In the past we’ve woken up to flat tires, dead car batteries, windows that wouldn’t roll down and an  air conditioner that quit working. Last year we had a swarm of about a million may flies around our living room light that we needed to vacuum up before we could leave. One year we drove the wrong direction when leaving Columbus, instead of heading South we went North (I have no idea why.)

This year we also had a little problem but it popped up the night before. Dan had late appointments on Thurs night so he was going to load the van when he got home from work at about 8:30pm, then head to bed so he could get up at 4am. As he was coming into the house he turned his head and somehow managed to hit his eyebrow/ forehead on the edge of the metal screen door. Causing a slightly deep, 1 inch cut above his eye. In different circumstances he may have needed stitches. But considering our insurance situation and the length of time it takes to get anything done at an urgent care we opted for super-glue and steri-strips istead. I ran over to the grocery store to pick up some supplies while he got the bleeding under control. Luckily our neighbor was outside when I got home so I convinced him to come in and bandage Dan up. I get very light headed and queasy around injuries to my family. I can handle the emergency part, I just am not good at looking at the wounds, I pass out really easily.

Finally with a throbbing head Dan was able to load the van and get to bed by 11pm. Unfortunately, he did not get much sleep due to the throbbing of his forehead.

Luckily, we made it out of the house in the morning without any more incidents.

North Carolina, here we come!


One thought on “Heading to the beach

  1. Poor Dan. I remember that Dan wasn’t very supportive when you passed out that time in the hospital with Bethany. As I recall, he took a picture of you fainting. He’s lucky you even bought bandages for him.

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