the view from my bedroom door

Through the years we have gone to many different vacation houses but  what remains the same is we always go to Emerald Isle and we always have a house right on the beach. For the last few years we have been at the Carolina Clipper (beach houses are always named.) It is a 10 bedroom house that the 25 of us fit in, just barely. When the kids start getting married and having their own kids we’ll definitely need a bigger house. But for now we all squeeze in and are very appreciative to Dan’s parents for making this happen year after year.

And here is the view from my bedroom door…

IMG_1348 IMG_1351


this is the view if I walk out on the deck…

IMG_1352 IMG_1353

And this is why we LOVE Emerald Isle. It is a very unpopulated beach! Granted I did take this picture at 7am. But for the most part the only people on the beach belong to the houses directly behind them. This is NOT a touristy beach like Myrtle Beach or Virginia Beach.

IMG_1363 IMG_1364

here is Dan all alone on the beach, fishing at 7am. We usually spend our mornings alone on the beach before everyone else wakes up and joins us.



3 thoughts on “the view from my bedroom door

  1. I don’t know why your new posts didn’t show up on my blog. I was still stuck with the Money Machine until today. I love the view and can imagine the sound of the waves rolling in. Fantastic.

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