first charter fishing trip of the trip

Some of the guys in this family are die-hard fisherman; Dan, his BIL Mike and his son Joey. Then there are the occasional fisherman BIL John, Dan’s dad Joe, Thomas, all of John & Jenny’s girls; Madalyn, Emily and Jordan. They all do a lot of surf fishing every day. And usually some grouping of them also do one charter fishing trip each year. This year Dan is going on two charter trips with different groups each trip.

Today was the first trip with Dan, Thomas, John and Maddy.  Maddy is a year younger than Thomas but just as much of a fisher-person as he is. They all had to get up at 4:30am for today’s trip. It was supposed to be an all day trip but there was a miscommunication with the captain so instead it turned into a half day trip and they were home by 1:00pm instead of 4:30pm. They were fishing for Red Drum and there was a 5 fish limit for the boat, they ended up coming home with 4 of the 5 fish they were allowed to catch.

Dan caught his fish right away but it was 30 inches long which put it just past the size restriction. Meaning it was 3 inches too long so he had to throw it back. The rest of the fish they caught were under the length restrictions and ok to keep. The kids are always excited to bring their fish home and eat them up. Today’s trip made for a nice lunch time snack. Or a very expensive lunch time snack depending on how you think about it.


John and Maddy reeling in a big one!


Maddy & Thomas showing off their catches.


Here’s Thomas reeling in his,


It’s hard work reeling in those big ocean fish!


Here’s Thomas with his red drum, what a pretty fish!


Everyone had a good time but they were glad to get back to the house so they could play at the beach!



2 thoughts on “first charter fishing trip of the trip

  1. I just do not get the thrill of fishing. But, I guess that’s because I’m not a fan of eating fish, or cleaning them or cooking them. I’m so Ohio.

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