Dinner for 21

Cooking for this houseful of people is quite a task. The way we accomplish it is each family being responsible for dinner one night of the week. The day of your dinner you do the grocery shopping and stock up on any other supplies or food that is needed for the house. Different families have their yearly traditions. Dan’s parents always take care of dinner the first night we get here by ordering pizza another family always picks up Chinese food. Our dinner is always a seafood feast. We start with crab cakes for an appetizer then the main course varies from year to year. In the past we have made seafood jambalaya, broiled fish, seafood scampi and fettuccine alfredo with seafood. This year we tried something new; fish chowder. As usual it was a hit! Along with the crab cakes and chowder we also had lots of bread, a huge salad and  quinoa with veggies.

For the past several years John has acted as Dan’s sous chef and helps with the crab cakes. Dan has always done the majority of the cooking on our night and I usually do the bulk of the clean up.

IMG_1828 IMG_1830 IMG_1831

I was in charge of the salad


finishing off the chowder

IMG_1844 IMG_1846

making the vegetarian dish of quinoa with veggies (this was so yummy!)

IMG_1849 IMG_1850

My SIL Mary kept my wine glass full while i was working on chopping up all the veggies.


You’ll notice how my kitchen is nice and clean and calm, while Dan’s kitchen looks like a bomb went off and is anything but calm! Maybe he should drink more wine while he cooks.

IMG_1854 IMG_1855

And what does it cost to feed a family of 21, a seafood feast? We spent $237 at the grocery store (for dinner and more) and $175 at Captain Willis’ seafood market, so just over $400. But Dan wouldn’t have it any other way.


2 thoughts on “Dinner for 21

  1. Your quinoa salad looked great! We have this same tradition but we’ve never had a seafood night – might have to steal your chowder idea.

  2. What a process but the results look well worth it. Look at your hair all wavy. You look very earth mother and Dan looks — excited — what else?

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