CSA for June 26

While we were on vacation we missed one of our CSA pick ups, so I don’t know what was in the June 19 delivery. But this was waiting for us when we got home thanks to a good friend who picked it up for us Sat. morning.

What we got this week:

Lacinato Kale


Swiss Chard

2 zucchini & 2 yellow squash

Garlic Scapes

Sugar snap peas

Here is the kale, it is being used daily in green smoothies:


I have plans to turn this cabbage into a slaw for our red, white and boom party.


I think the swiss chard will be added to a quinoa dish, similar to the one I made on vacation. It was good that I’ve been craving it.


Dan has already grilled the zucchini and squash for a yummy dinner he made Monday night. I’ve started back to a art class on Monday evenings so he’s in charge of the kids and dinner.


The garlic scapes will be chopped up and used as seasoning in different dishes. I’m sure I’ll use some in my slaw.


The sugar snap peas were eaten right out of the bowl. Half of them were gone before I even had a chance to wash them.


For more information about this CSA you can contact:

Ben and Lisa Sippel

Sippel Family Farm



All produce on the Sippel Family Farm is grown using
sustainable principles and without synthetic chemicals.
Everything that we sell at market and offer in our CSA
program is grown by
US on OUR farm. We NEVER buy
wholesale products from auctions or other farms. We
encourage you to ask other producers at the market if they
do the same.


3 thoughts on “CSA for June 26

  1. Everything you listed in this CSA was in the June 19th pick-up. It was all yummy, too, so thanks for letting us have your share that week.

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