I love my yard

It is the perfect yard for parties! I did a seat count yesterday and I have seating for 40 friends in all the nooks and crannies of my yard. Here are some of my favorite areas:

This is my back deck that Dan built last year for Daniel’s graduation party. We don’t use it much because it’s almost always in the sun. We’re hoping to build a pergola over it eventually. There are also hooks to hang the hammock. Since this area is in the back corner of the yard you have the most privacy for those undisturbed mid day naps.


This is right between the shed/ greenhouse and our garden and right next to the pond. So you have a private little nook surrounded by flowers and the sound of running water. There is also a space to hang the hammock.  IMG_1940

another view of the area by the pond


This is the back porch that was also rebuilt last year for the big party. I have some work I need to do here. We need to finish the brown wooden wall so it goes all the way up to the new higher roof. We also want to add a gate so we can more easily visit with our neighbors. I also need to repaint the underside of the roof and I want to stain the cement.


This is my FAVORITE place to nap, the porch swing


Here is a crazy gourd plant that took over the back yard while we were on vacation and if we ever wanted the yard mowed again Dan had to build it a trellis.


I just bought this glass vase at a resale shop down the street, isn’t it pretty?


This is Daniel’s new hammock that I think he plans on sleeping on next year in his apartment. And behind it is my crazy over grown wild flower mess and the front side of the shed.




And here’s the shed/ greenhouse.


This is a little nook in the very front yard under the cherry blossom tree. Its a good place to sit when you want to keep an eye on the neighborhood.

IMG_1953 IMG_1967

This poor birdhouse got knocked off a high shelf in a windstorm and is a bit lopsided now so i decided to add it to the crazy wild flower bed.


And when little girls find it, it becomes a fairy house.



7 thoughts on “I love my yard

  1. So pretty–love that your back porch stays dry enough that you can really furnish it like an outdoor room! It looks so different than the days with the chain link fence and your HUGE dog. Yes–it has been a long time since I have seen your yard!
    I just met a homeschooler that lives near you-Narnia.

    • oh my gosh Kristen, that has been a long time. You’ll have to come over for our next party! Dan’s next project is to build an outdoor oven for baking bread and pizza.

  2. Wow! I’m impressed! Your yard looks so beautiful. I’m sure you enjoy it tremendously.
    I wish I had more sun for sun-loving plants in my yard, but we have so many trees it’s hard to find a sunny spot. I’m hoping to make a new bed this fall for sunny plants out in the yard away from the trees. You’ve inspired me………

  3. I love your backyard too. We could even have separate groups for women, men and teenagers. What’s better than that? Great party. Beautiful flowers. Nice pink-eye fairy house.

  4. The yard is gorgeous! I love all the nooks and crannies you have set up for conversations and relaxing. That lantern is fantastic! What a find! Looks great. I especially love the ‘outdoor room’ you have (with the wooden wall) and I have dragged hubby over to look at your pictures and am begging that he builds me one 🙂

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