Diet confusion

It’s been at least 2 years maybe longer since I started transforming our diets. Since we’ve been eating more whole foods and less sugar that has eliminated A LOT of the baking that used to happen here. Sometimes I miss it and sometimes the kids rebel when I’m not home and attempt to whip up cookies by borrowing ingredients from the neighbors.

The newest change to our diets is the elimination of gluten. I had not embraced the gluten free lifestyle previously, I didn’t think gluten was a major contributor to our diets and I didn’t think that anyone had problems with it. I’m still learning about this way of eating and trying to figure out all the hidden sources of gluten, which is not quite as easy as you would think. One thing I have learned by cleaning out my kitchen we really did have way more gluten products than I thought.

I did attempt a similar diet when Beth was first diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease, we tried to follow the Specific Carbohydrate Diet which pretty much eliminates all gluten, most dairy and all sugar and I can’t remember what all else. I wasn’t quite as kitchen savvy back then and most of the foods turned out pretty yucky and with Beth being young and sick she just refused to eat anything. So after a bit we gave up that diet. If I had known then what I know now that diet would have been so much easier to integrate into our lives.

Now I am looking at a gluten free diet again but for Dan. He has always had GI problems and we have often joked that Beth’s Crohn’s must have come from him. After years of testing, many drugs and nothing that has really helped I decided it was time to dramatically change his diet and see if that could make a difference. So step 1 remove all the gluten.

Oh my, as 2 pretty intelligent and very food savvy people you wouldn’t think this would be so difficult for us. I’ll get texts from Dan while he’s at work, I’m starving what can I eat. Me, umm i don’t know meat, fruit, veggies. Him nope, I don’t have any of that, can I eat mini-wheat’s? Me, umm seriously it says wheat right in the name.

So after telling Dan we were going to do this and him having  a complete break down about what he’s allowed to eat, I decided now would be a good time to go to the grocery store for some supplies. The shopping epiphany came to me while I was at Thomas’ dance class which gave me exactly 20 min to shop in a grocery store I’ve never shopped in before, looking for things that i have never bought before. I was completely overwhelmed, I did find the Bob’s Red Mill section of the store and I just started throwing things in my cart because the time was ticking away: GF flour, GF pizza dough, GF pancake mix (never mind that Dan doesn’t usually eat pancakes,) GF cake mixes (hmm haven’t baked a cake in years, I did put the white cake mix back onto the shelf) GF brownie mixes (ditto, but I did leave the store with 2 of these.) I don’t know what happened to me, I went GF crazy! On my drive back to the dance class I  thought what the heck am I doing? We’re supposed to not be eating processed sugary foods. Hmm…

OK time to breathe, I can do this. I have lots of GF and raw food blogs that I follow. I also put a ton of GF books on hold at the library. I know lots of people that eat this way without filling up on sugary processed foods. But still those brownie mixes will come in handy when we’re going somewhere that we should bring a dessert  and I want something quick and easy to make.

I think this is going to be quite an adventure. I just hope Dan see’s some significant improvements pretty quickly so he’ll be motivated to stick with it. Eating this way at home is fine and pretty easy it’s when he’s out on the road all day that the challenges occur. And unless he’s noticing some changes it will be easy to spiral back to unhealthy choices.


7 thoughts on “Diet confusion

    • Thanks Tracie, its not me I’m worried about. 🙂 But I think Dan is putting in a valiant effort (unless he’s sneaking gluten throughout the day)

  1. Diets are harder than math. I hope Dan does feel better. It seems like he has tried a lot of diet changes in the past (remember the lamb diet). Anyway, hope it works. Grace and I are trying a new diet. We don’t actually eat different food, but we are saying Bethany’s name as inspiration. Watch out if we start to act crazy!

  2. Good for you for making these changes! I hope this is the answer to Dan’s issues.

    We removed gluten more than 1-1//2 yrs ago (and we were very low gluten, spelt was our only gluten-offender in our diets at the time). Almost immediately upon removing all gluten from our diets, my son’s GI issues disappeared. He recovered over several months and we never went back. We’re a gluten free family of 7 -AND vegan on top of that- and still, we find plenty to eat. And you will too 🙂

    The boxed gluten free mixes and such you bought might be handy for you while you transition away from gluten. I haven’t tried any of them so can’t offer an opinion but you could whip up some goodies for Dan while he adjusts to his miniwheat-free lifestyle 🙂

    You guys already eat wonderfully healthy, so just omit the gluten and keep doing what you’ve been doing. You can do it!

  3. Hey Sheila. I remember you giving me a bunch of gf mixes and flours after you tried the gf diet with Beth and Grif was first diagnosed with celiac. That seems like such a long time ago. Hope you can find something to eat on my blog. I’ve popped in a few times to keep up with Beth’s adventures when Shelb sees something exciting on FB and tells me. Stalking each other, I guess.

    • I forgot about that, Beth was dx with Crohn’s right before Griffin was dx with celiacs. Those were rough times! Well now we’re on this journey for a different person in the house, but the kids get to come along for the ride. Not much going on witht eh modeling right now, we’re waiting for her braces to come off (she was having TMJ problems) then hopefully something will happen, who knows?

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