Wall of gourds

I mentioned in an earlier post about this gourd plant that had come from nowhere when we were on vacation. It was taking over the yard so Dan built a trellis so we would be able to mow the lawn. This has ended up being the coolest plant and best way to view the growth cycle of the gourds. Not only does the wall of gourds shade the back porch from the early day sun, it also is so fun to watch the progression of the gourds from flower to fruit.


This is the view from my porch swing. You can just lay on the swing and examine the gourds in all their different stages.


Starting with the flower


That overnight seems to develop into this little creature



And they just keep growing…


and growing until you have a massive vine covered in many, many gourds.

IMG_2700 IMG_2703 IMG_2706


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