Fruit Utopia

We are in organic fruit utopia around here this week! A great friend just started up an organic produce co-op, where every 2 weeks we’ll get deliveries of all kinds of organic fruits and veggies. It works the same as our other monthly bulk co-op but this one deals only with produce. The delivery was wed and we’ve already made a good size dent in all this fruit!

I spent just under $100 for all this organic yumminess:

8 avocados @.80each $6.40
6# cucumbers @1.42/lb $8.52
2# strawberries @2.50/lb $5
2 pineapples @ $2.86/each $5.72
10# blueberries $38
6# cherries @3.33/lb $19.98
5# grapes @ 1.95/lb $9.75
10 peaches @.56 each $5.60
TOTAL $98.97


1 package of cherries was eaten that first day, another sits in the upstairs fridge waiting to be munched. The other 2 bags will probably get pitted and frozen.


1 container of strawberries was used in a frozen strawberry “cream” pie (sweetened with a little maple syrup, using nuts for the creaminess, and a nut & date crust plus a layer of blueberries.)

The pineapples will be sliced up and eaten as snacks. We go through a couple pineapples a week, it’s the favorite fruit of at least a couple people in the house.


Since we are also getting cukes from the garden these will be used to make fermented pickles. Unlike traditional pickles, fermented pickles are never cooked so they stay crunchy plus they have beneficial bacteria that’s good for your gut.


We started with 2 big bags of sweet juicy grapes but Beth has already finished off one of them.


and here’s 10# of organic blueberries, handfuls were eaten on the car ride home, a bowl was left in the refrigerator for snacking , a cup or 2 was used in the strawberry cream pie and the rest were frozen to be used in fruit smoothies. I love blueberries!


last but definitely not least the peaches and avocados: The peaches still need to ripen so they’re sitting on the counter. Some of them are destined for a frozen yogurt recipe the rest will be munched on or used in smoothies.

The avocados will mostly be eaten by Daniel and me. I like 1/2 an avocado in my salads and Daniel likes to eat it right out of the shell. We’ll also make up some guacamole which everyone LOVES. And if there are any left after all that I can make them into an awesome chocolate mousse recipe (that you would never know the base ingredient is avocados!)


We love our fruit around here!


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