CSA June 17

This is the point in the CSA where the spring and early summer greens are ending but the mid-summer crop has not yet come in full force. So the pick up was not as much this week and we did get an apology from the farmers. I still thought it was a good amount of veggies, though.

And here is what we got:

Cherry tomatoes


2 mini zucchinis & 2 mini yellow squash

2 onions

2 green peppers

1 cucumber

1 head of lettuce

The cherry tomatoes were eaten right out of the bowl and were gone by the end of the day.


What are tomatillos you may be wondering; The tomatillo, or husk tomato, is a relative of the common tomato native to Latin America, where it is popular in cuisine. Tomatillos are sometimes difficult to find in conventional markets, but they are usually available in Hispanic grocery stores.

Tomatillos have a refreshing, crisp flavor that is an excellent complement to salsas and other Mexican dishes. They can either be eaten raw or briefly blanched in a pan until their skins burst, creating a smooth sauce to work with. The tomatillo is also rich in vitamin C. Chilies complement the cool flavor of tomatillo very well and can be mixed with a tomatillo sauce and fresh coriander for a simple salsa.

I don’t know what I’m going to do with the tomatillos. I had this same problem last year, the only thing I came up with was making up a bunch of hot sauces to freeze (still have lots in the freezer) so I need to find something different to do with them this year. I might try this White Bean Chicken Chili or Potato and Bean Enchiladas.


I tried grilling some of these mini-squashes in my new grill basket, last night for dinner. But the slats are too big on the basket so the veggies kept falling out and my grill wasn’t working so we ended up with warm, raw veggies. I still thought they were OK, but they would have been much better if they would have been grilled for real and not just pretend. I also sliced one of the squash real thin and put it in the salad but turns out my family doesn’t like raw squash in their salads.

P7160003 P7160004

The peppers were used in a salad along with some of the onions and the lettuce.


This cucumber is still in my fridge along with several from my garden and some of the ones that I got from the produce co-op. I’ve made Cucumbers with sour cream and dill salad this week along with sour pickles that are fermenting on my counter top right now. I also want to try making Tzatziki Sauce but since we’re now gluten free, I’m waiting until I can pick up some GF pitas.

P7160006 P7160007

And here’s the group photo:


For more information about this CSA you can contact:

Ben and Lisa Sippel

Sippel Family Farm



All produce on the Sippel Family Farm is grown using
sustainable principles and without synthetic chemicals.
Everything that we sell at market and offer in our CSA
program is grown by US on OUR farm. We NEVER buy
wholesale products from auctions or other farms. We
encourage you to ask other producers at the market if they
do the same.


6 thoughts on “CSA June 17

  1. You guys are so good about your veggie eating. You are never in need of V8 juice! We have one more day before we start the diet because Grace swims again today.

    • good because I just had to finish off the tortilla chips last night, but now I think I’m good! All the bad munchies are gone. (and by gone I mean I ate them all)

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