Having an Adventure…

…at COSI. Finally, after years of the Adventure space being closed, it is slowly being reopened. Last Tues was a preview day of the space and it has been marked on our calendar since we heard the news. My kids LOVE adventure, for Bethany it is the only reason she will go to COSI unless I’m forcing her to join us.



Adventure is like an Indiana Jones set recreated in a science museum, with puzzles that you have to solve to awaken all the stone creatures.

IMG_2857 IMG_2875

But that is just the beginning. The next level of Adventure is deciphering the mysterious alphabet so you can read all the coded messages that are on the walls. Once you have deciphered the story of the village, there is even more information you can plug into the statues. At that point they will give you clues to help you decipher the secret language. Most people that go through Adventure don’t know about all the different levels. They think once you get the clues and go to the room of knowledge you’re done. But there are many Adventure groupies that were working very hard to decipher all the mysteries back when COSI had to close adventure due to budget cuts.

Here’s Beth in Room of Knowledge waiting for the mystery word to appear that will help her start to unlock the secret alphabet.


We ran into one of those people while we were in adventure today, and while he was very kind in giving advice to Beth and the several other people that had circled around him. It was all a bit more than Beth could comprehend. But both Beth and Thomas (with the help of several friends) did solve the first puzzle then went on to decipher the whole alphabet. Beth claims she is now fluent in reading the secret language. The passages that at one time just looked like gibberish can now clumsily be read by the kids. This is more than they have ever done before. They are very excited to get to spend more time in this area trying to figure out all the mysteries.

IMG_2865 IMG_2876

Another level to the puzzle; trying to decipher what the numbers mean.


And for those that don’t figure out the secrets you may never get to leave. 🙂


Adventure is open again today and the kids have asked to return so they can work on reading the walls. They’ll pack up their notebooks, flashlights and notes from last time to continue with the Adventure.


One thought on “Having an Adventure…

  1. Oh, I didn’t end up going last week after a friend called me from the lineup at COSI where she waited several hours to get into Adventure. The thought of pregnant me waiting in line with 5 kids for hours was not appealing, so we didn’t go 🙂

    What a cool exhibit, looks like your gang had a great time solving the puzzles!

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