Stand back that’s dangerous…

Sometimes we say the silliest things. There have been some kid type fireworks sitting on a shelf in the kitchen for months. Nothing big: smoke bombs, little poppers things you can buy at the grocery store. I asked Thomas if he cared if I threw them away. He decided it would be fun to throw them in the fire that was going outside.

So Dan says, “Stand back that’s dangerous,” not: that’s dangerous don’t do that, just stand back. I thought that was funny.

Thomas listened to Dan at first and tried to throw the fireworks into the fire from the driveway but they just weren’t making it to the fire. So i suggested he could get his self made shield and use that. He loved that idea, I think he was pretending he was in a  bomb squad.

And after all that they really didn’t do anything when they burned. But he had fun with it anyways.

IMG_4000 IMG_4002 IMG_4004 These are some of the fireworks that feel short when Thomas tried to throw them into the fire from the driveway. Bombs away!!!!!!!!!


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