Halloween Party

This kids volunteered to work at the local rec centers Halloween party in the haunted house. Its for little and big kids so its not supposed to be too scary. I don’t know these pictures of Beth’s head look pretty scary to me and that’s with the lights on!


Thomas was a warrior ninja of maybe just a knife yielding crazy person dressed all in black. Whatever he was when the lights were out and he followed you around the haunted house he was scary!


I don’t think that cleaver is a safe toy!


Here’s Beth in her whole costume, it was so cute but you never got to see it in the haunted house since she was just a head on a plate.


Poor Ros is in the guillotine.


There’s Thomas with that meat cleaver again.


Pioneer Day

at Mohican School in Butler, OH. Another homeschooling field trip with friends. It was the perfect fall day to spend outdoors at a nature center. We walked through the woods collecting wood for a fire.

IMG_4943 IMG_4964

After they got the fire going they made popcorn, and more popcorn and more popcorn. Making popcorn over the fire was a big hit! I have got to get one of those popcorn makers.

IMG_4978 IMG_4989

Then they collected plants from the woods to make dyes which were heated up over the fire. After dying the yarn they used different solutions for setting the dyes.


The colors were made by walnuts, blueberries, goldenrod and other yellow plants, and we can’t remember what made the vibrant pink color.


Next everyone had to pitch in to get lunch cooking over the fires. We had vegetable and bean soup along with cooked apple sauce and blueberry/ apple cobbler cooked in Dutch ovens over the fire.



We also got to press apples for fresh cider, yum (much better than the apple juice that we got at the pumpkin farm.)

IMG_5015 IMG_5019

Then we all went on a hike through the woods to the river for a short water study.    IMG_5031 IMG_5044

And here are the goats telling us good-bye.


We had a lot of fun at this program, next time we go we’ll camp the night before and sleep in their dorms. We would like to spend more time exploring the waterfall and river. And have time to play with the animals.

Birthday Boy

IMG_5208Today my youngest child has joined the ranks of teenager. Thomas is now officially 13 years old! Normally on a b-day morning we would be making crepes and lounging around the house. But Thomas now works at COSI on Weds, so he will be off to work at 8:00 which leaves no time for a leisurely birthday breakfast.  Wed after he’s done with work we’ll head to a Chinese buffet for dinner along with all 4 of his grandparents, sister and Dan. Birthday crepes will be pushed back to Thurs morning, a day late but just as yummy. Thurs evening is trick or treat night in Columbus so we’ll do that at my parents, Daniel & Alicia will even join us. Then on Sunday we get to have a birthday brunch with all 23 members of Dan’s family. Birthdays are a week long, family celebration around here!

Everyone knows Thomas as my sweet child (sorry Daniel & Beth but you have other positive attributes,) being the baby and the one that was left behind when his siblings tried high school, we’ve spent a lot of time together (and that’s not just because he nursed until he was 3 or slept in our bedroom up until last year.) He’s the one that will open car doors for me, or will go clean the kitchen without being asked. He’s a sweet boy and very loving. It makes me sad to think that some day he may be a snotty teenager that ignores me when he’s with his friends (like his mean sister did last weekend.) I make him promise that he won’t act that way. I can only hope that his siblings bad behaviors continue to teach him how not to behave!

We love you Thomas keep making us proud, we know you will!

Fun at the Pumpkin Patch


Last week we went with a group of friends to Circle S Pumpkin Patch. These field-trips are always more fun with friends! One more advantage to homeschooling the pumpkin patch was not crowded and it was less expensive to go as a group than to go on the weekends as a family. For $6.50 we got to play at the farm, a doughnut, apple cider (umm it really wasn’t apple cider more like cheap apple juice) a hay ride and a pumpkin. Not a bad deal.

IMG_4755 IMG_4760

Why does Thomas pick on his friend?


No one was throwing any hay around until Laura got there with her clan, then all heck broke loose. Hay was flying every direction.


IMG_4783 IMG_4794 IMG_4796

Next we were off on a hay ride to pick out our pumpkins. There were 3 stories of acquaintances that had died from falling off hay rides, who would have thought a hayride could be so dangerous.


Thomas was determined to find the biggest pumpkin at the farm, so off he went far, far away.


Beth didn’t feel the need to wander nearly as far. Besides all the pumpkins really were the same size.


There’s Thomas still searching…


Heading back with our pumpkinsIMG_4916

Another father/ son adventure

Sunday afternoon, it’s a beautiful day almost 80 degrees outside, the perfect day for a father/ son fishing trip. Well it was until Dan cast his line and hooked Thomas’ head. Then maybe it was instinct, or maybe Thomas had been on his nerves but Dan not only hooked him he then set the line. That’s the little tug you do to make sure the hook has really caught the fish or in this case Thomas’ skull. Yeah, he hooked it good, the barbed hook went all the way through poor Thomas’ flesh. Dan’s just that good of a fisherman!

Dan very kindly cut the line so Thomas didn’t have to go for help while still attached to the pole. He did, however, have to walk back to the truck with the lure solidly attached to his head. Not just any lure either a lure that rattles as it moves, to attract fish. After a bit of walking Thomas was getting pretty woozy and said he couldn’t feel his legs and he just couldn’t walk anymore so down he went. Laying down on the ground, on his belly of course.

They finally made it to the truck and Dan drove him to the closest firehouse so the firemen could work their magic and get the hook out of his head. Which they did and then they cleaned the area (because really how clean can the hook have been?)

A little Jeni’s ice cream after they got home and Thomas was as good as new, with an awesome story to boot. Dan was a little upset that the fish had just started biting when they had to cut their trip short. I guess Thomas should be happy he didn’t have to keep fishing with the lure attached to his head. Hmm this reminds me of the time Dan continued to fish after Daniel had been stung by the bee and went into anaphylactic shock and had to be rushed to the ER. In Dan’s defense as soon as he realized Daniel’s throat was swelling he did quit fishing. Who says fishing isn’t dangerous?


imagejpeg_2 (4)_thumb

College acceptances

DSC01365 Beth just received her first college acceptance and it was from the school that she really wants to go: Kent State. She has gone a couple times to check out the campus and specifically their fashion design program. She likes the size of the school (not as big as OSU but not as small as a high school.) She LOVES the dorms! And the fashion design classes are all in their own new fashion building along with the fashion museum and fashion library. It is a lovely open building with lots of windows and a view of the woods that surround the campus. Plus there is a Starbucks right across the street. What more could you ask for. Well in your junior year you have the opportunity to study abroad in both Florence Italy and New York, that would make for a pretty awesome junior year. Plus after our last visit when Beth was asked what she likes about the school she said, “it just feels right” and isn’t that what its all about? Finding the school that just feels right.

She still is working on applications for Columbus College of Art and Design, Parsons School of Design (in NY) and Capital University (they don’t have a fashion program, but they do have art education.)

Now that she has received her first acceptance message (it wasn’t actually a letter, they called and left a message on the answering machine) I don’t know how motivated she will be to finish the other applications. I will encourage her to get them done, you never know how financial aid will play into the equation and options are always a good thing. But finishing the art portfolio that is required for CCAD & Parsons is a daunting task!

Here a few snapshots of the classrooms, atrium and view from the fashion building. These pictures make me want to go to school here.

Freshman workroom Sewing & construction studio student area view 2nd illustration studio 2 2nd sewing & construction studio atrium 2 atrium 3

The atrium connects the classrooms to the fashion museum.

atrium roof

This machine looks like a lot of fun to use.

digital embroidery machine

Local Fashion Show at Luxboheme

Beth was asked to help out a friend by walking in a local runway show for a little boutique downtown Columbus. We were excited because we didn’t have to drive 1/2 way across the country. Plus  her grandparents and a couple friends got to come watch. The night started out with champagne and hors d’oeuvres on the rooftop terrace.

Here’s my mom and Dan’s mom visiting on the roof:


Dan’s Dad and my Dad

rooftop 6

Dan chatting it up with Beth’s friend Stanley and Jaris

rooftop 7

and Beth, Melissa and Lena. Ha I must have snuck this picture of Melissa in without her noticing, normally she doesn’t let me take her picture.


and this is the champagne that we were very much enjoying!


Ooh a picture of me, I never make it to the blog

rooftop 3

Since this is small boutique all of the models were friends of the owners, Beth was youngest, tallest and most modelesque. While Beth stuck to her regular runway walk the other women were having more fun with show and dancing around, spinning, and spending a lot more time out on the floor. I was wishing that someone would tell Beth that she could have more fun with it and not be so serious (she couldn’t see what the other models were doing.) When I mentioned that to her after the show she said her friend Stanley did tell her to slow down and have fun but she thought he was kidding.

beth look 1


beth look 3

beth look 4

And here is Beth’s friend Stanley, who is interning at the boutique. He is the picture of high fashion in those red stilettos!


beth look 5

beth look 6 final walk thru

This is Priscilla the owner of Luxboheme along with photographer, Tommy Feisel.


show 3

show 4

After the show we stopped by Knead for some desserts. Here is Rick the chef, owner and Dan’s best friend being amazed at how tall Beth is with her heels on. (He is actually crouching down just a a little bit, but then again so is Beth.)


**Some of these photos were taken by photographer Tommy Feisel