Speaking of cars

Finally at 17 1/2, Beth has her drivers license!! She passed with a perfect score on both the drivers test and maneuverability. I’m still not too sure about her driving alone. We’ll start out slow, no freeways yet, limited night driving without adults (she really still needs to work on her depth perception) and only going to places that aren’t too far away. Its not that she’s a bad driver, she is very methodical and cautious. But there’s just something about her; a lack of common sense but also something more than that. She processes things differently and doesn’t think things through to the next step. Plus she gets flustered and overwhelmed very easily. While its easy to think that I’m just being over protective (and i know i do have problems with that) i think there really is something more than that. So right now we’re starting with limited small trips that will be good practice but this is definitely not a situation where she should be given complete freedom to run around the city. Not just yet.

But back to the cars…I talked about the car that Daniel got to use, well it had been stressed to him repeatedly that the car was for all the kids to use not just him. So he knew that while he was gone to college the car would stay at the house for Beth to someday use. While that was not his first choice he went along with the plan without too much complaining. Then after looking at his limited budget he decided that saving the cost of gas was a definite advantage and was willing to leave the car at home. I just really couldn’t imagine Beth driving that big red car, it just never seemed like a very girlish car (coming from the person who bought a Mach 1 as her first car.) But it was what it was, that would be the car that Beth would have to drive.

That is until my parents again decided it was time to donate the old broken down van that been sitting in front of their  house. At first I didn’t give it much thought, until my Dad mentioned that the van had new tires on it and would I like to swap them out for the tires on my van. Again I guess I was just being stupid but I said no thanks I didn’t want to mess with that, so he planned on bringing the van to the Salvation Army that week. But when I brought my van in for service they mentioned that 2 of my tires needed to be replaced, OK maybe that was a sign. I called my dad right away and said OK I do want those tires don’t dump the van quite yet. BTW what is wrong with it? The water pump needs to be replaced and one of the windows is stuck down. Oh OK.

I passed all this on to Dan who is so much smarter than me sometimes and he wisely said, heck yes we’ll take the van, fix it up and Beth can use it. Duh, why didn’t I think of that.

So all in 1 week Beth finally got her license and a van to use (that actually looks like its in very good shape if you just ignore all the annoying little things that are broken.) She is a very happy girl!


2 thoughts on “Speaking of cars

  1. Grace rode with Beth this weekend and said she was a good driver. Of course, she did show me a picture she took of the two of them posing during a stop light, so maybe they weren’t paying complete attention to the road!

  2. Congratulations! Our 4th driver has his temps now…I have more gray hair! The Google add with this is: Truck Drivers Wanted. I laughed at the image it created in my mind as I read your post. Sarah drives som

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