Beth is so in love with the van that she has named it Babbette or Babb’s for short. Dan and Beth went through the engine making sure everything was in good condition and showing Beth how to check and fill all the fluids. Then Beth spent some time cleaning the van.



And now her and Thomas have a new favorite place to do their school work. Beth has created an art studio in the back of the van, while Thomas prefers the front seat to do his work. They spent about 7 hours in the van reading books, drawing and doing their work for the day.



As we’re getting to know this new to us car we have found that neither front window works, not to worry Beth has a plan for going through drive thru’s if she pulls up a little further she can lean her seat back and slide open the back door. Also the A/C doesn’t work which makes for a VERY hot ride home on an 85 degree day, who knew that even your ears can sweat in the right conditions. In the process of taking apart the passenger side door to get he window back to its upright position something happened to the door handle and the passenger door can no longer be opened from the inside. The drivers side door sticks slightly, a small body slam from Beth is all it takes to open the door,  though. Dad says the water pump was making some noise and could go out at anytime so Beth has a piece of tape on the temperature gauge, if the dial goes above the line she is supposed to pull over and shut off the car. Also the windshield washer fluid no longer sprays but she has a bottle of Windex in the van for emergencies.

The good definitely outweighs the bad: the engine is in good shape as is the transmission. The brakes and tires are new and all the air bags work. Its big enough to give her plenty of protection which hopefully she’ll never need to worry about. It has 126,000 miles on it which is only 25,000 more miles than my van. So even with all the minor issues Beth is completely in the love with the van and we are so appreciative to my parents for passing it on to us.

And here Beth goes on her maiden voyage, all alone, to the dollar store (looking for some battery powered fans for when the window quits working again) and a quick stop at Target, just because she can.


But first a quick tweet to warn the world that she is on the roads.


and there she goes…IMG_4429


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