Local Fashion Show at Luxboheme

Beth was asked to help out a friend by walking in a local runway show for a little boutique downtown Columbus. We were excited because we didn’t have to drive 1/2 way across the country. Plus  her grandparents and a couple friends got to come watch. The night started out with champagne and hors d’oeuvres on the rooftop terrace.

Here’s my mom and Dan’s mom visiting on the roof:


Dan’s Dad and my Dad

rooftop 6

Dan chatting it up with Beth’s friend Stanley and Jaris

rooftop 7

and Beth, Melissa and Lena. Ha I must have snuck this picture of Melissa in without her noticing, normally she doesn’t let me take her picture.


and this is the champagne that we were very much enjoying!


Ooh a picture of me, I never make it to the blog

rooftop 3

Since this is small boutique all of the models were friends of the owners, Beth was youngest, tallest and most modelesque. While Beth stuck to her regular runway walk the other women were having more fun with show and dancing around, spinning, and spending a lot more time out on the floor. I was wishing that someone would tell Beth that she could have more fun with it and not be so serious (she couldn’t see what the other models were doing.) When I mentioned that to her after the show she said her friend Stanley did tell her to slow down and have fun but she thought he was kidding.

beth look 1


beth look 3

beth look 4

And here is Beth’s friend Stanley, who is interning at the boutique. He is the picture of high fashion in those red stilettos!


beth look 5

beth look 6 final walk thru

This is Priscilla the owner of Luxboheme along with photographer, Tommy Feisel.


show 3

show 4

After the show we stopped by Knead for some desserts. Here is Rick the chef, owner and Dan’s best friend being amazed at how tall Beth is with her heels on. (He is actually crouching down just a a little bit, but then again so is Beth.)


**Some of these photos were taken by photographer Tommy Feisel


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