College acceptances

DSC01365 Beth just received her first college acceptance and it was from the school that she really wants to go: Kent State. She has gone a couple times to check out the campus and specifically their fashion design program. She likes the size of the school (not as big as OSU but not as small as a high school.) She LOVES the dorms! And the fashion design classes are all in their own new fashion building along with the fashion museum and fashion library. It is a lovely open building with lots of windows and a view of the woods that surround the campus. Plus there is a Starbucks right across the street. What more could you ask for. Well in your junior year you have the opportunity to study abroad in both Florence Italy and New York, that would make for a pretty awesome junior year. Plus after our last visit when Beth was asked what she likes about the school she said, “it just feels right” and isn’t that what its all about? Finding the school that just feels right.

She still is working on applications for Columbus College of Art and Design, Parsons School of Design (in NY) and Capital University (they don’t have a fashion program, but they do have art education.)

Now that she has received her first acceptance message (it wasn’t actually a letter, they called and left a message on the answering machine) I don’t know how motivated she will be to finish the other applications. I will encourage her to get them done, you never know how financial aid will play into the equation and options are always a good thing. But finishing the art portfolio that is required for CCAD & Parsons is a daunting task!

Here a few snapshots of the classrooms, atrium and view from the fashion building. These pictures make me want to go to school here.

Freshman workroom Sewing & construction studio student area view 2nd illustration studio 2 2nd sewing & construction studio atrium 2 atrium 3

The atrium connects the classrooms to the fashion museum.

atrium roof

This machine looks like a lot of fun to use.

digital embroidery machine


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