Another father/ son adventure

Sunday afternoon, it’s a beautiful day almost 80 degrees outside, the perfect day for a father/ son fishing trip. Well it was until Dan cast his line and hooked Thomas’ head. Then maybe it was instinct, or maybe Thomas had been on his nerves but Dan not only hooked him he then set the line. That’s the little tug you do to make sure the hook has really caught the fish or in this case Thomas’ skull. Yeah, he hooked it good, the barbed hook went all the way through poor Thomas’ flesh. Dan’s just that good of a fisherman!

Dan very kindly cut the line so Thomas didn’t have to go for help while still attached to the pole. He did, however, have to walk back to the truck with the lure solidly attached to his head. Not just any lure either a lure that rattles as it moves, to attract fish. After a bit of walking Thomas was getting pretty woozy and said he couldn’t feel his legs and he just couldn’t walk anymore so down he went. Laying down on the ground, on his belly of course.

They finally made it to the truck and Dan drove him to the closest firehouse so the firemen could work their magic and get the hook out of his head. Which they did and then they cleaned the area (because really how clean can the hook have been?)

A little Jeni’s ice cream after they got home and Thomas was as good as new, with an awesome story to boot. Dan was a little upset that the fish had just started biting when they had to cut their trip short. I guess Thomas should be happy he didn’t have to keep fishing with the lure attached to his head. Hmm this reminds me of the time Dan continued to fish after Daniel had been stung by the bee and went into anaphylactic shock and had to be rushed to the ER. In Dan’s defense as soon as he realized Daniel’s throat was swelling he did quit fishing. Who says fishing isn’t dangerous?


imagejpeg_2 (4)_thumb


2 thoughts on “Another father/ son adventure

  1. Oh what a story!

    This line of yours just cracked me up: “Then maybe it was instinct, or maybe Thomas had been on his nerves but Dan not only hooked him he then set the line. ”

    Gotta admit, I REALLY did not need to see that picture 🙂

    I’m glad Thomas is okay. And think of the stories your kids will have when they are older!

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