Birthday Boy

IMG_5208Today my youngest child has joined the ranks of teenager. Thomas is now officially 13 years old! Normally on a b-day morning we would be making crepes and lounging around the house. But Thomas now works at COSI on Weds, so he will be off to work at 8:00 which leaves no time for a leisurely birthday breakfast.  Wed after he’s done with work we’ll head to a Chinese buffet for dinner along with all 4 of his grandparents, sister and Dan. Birthday crepes will be pushed back to Thurs morning, a day late but just as yummy. Thurs evening is trick or treat night in Columbus so we’ll do that at my parents, Daniel & Alicia will even join us. Then on Sunday we get to have a birthday brunch with all 23 members of Dan’s family. Birthdays are a week long, family celebration around here!

Everyone knows Thomas as my sweet child (sorry Daniel & Beth but you have other positive attributes,) being the baby and the one that was left behind when his siblings tried high school, we’ve spent a lot of time together (and that’s not just because he nursed until he was 3 or slept in our bedroom up until last year.) He’s the one that will open car doors for me, or will go clean the kitchen without being asked. He’s a sweet boy and very loving. It makes me sad to think that some day he may be a snotty teenager that ignores me when he’s with his friends (like his mean sister did last weekend.) I make him promise that he won’t act that way. I can only hope that his siblings bad behaviors continue to teach him how not to behave!

We love you Thomas keep making us proud, we know you will!


3 thoughts on “Birthday Boy

  1. Thomas is sweet, although when he was little he was a mischief maker if you’ll recall. Remember the time he hid the case with all of Spencer’s money in it? If something was missing or destroyed, poor Thomas got the blame. Didn’t he hide Spencer’s glasses in someone’s shoe? Maybe it was the long hair. He’s been quite civilized since you cut off those baby locks.

    • He was a bit of a scoundrel when he was little. I never considered that it may have been tied to his long hair. I guess it was a good thing that we finally cut it. He wishes that we never would have, though. Funny could you imagine him with all that hair now, yikes. You were one of the few friends that stuck by us during Thomas’ mischievous years, I lost a few others during that period.

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