Pioneer Day

at Mohican School in Butler, OH. Another homeschooling field trip with friends. It was the perfect fall day to spend outdoors at a nature center. We walked through the woods collecting wood for a fire.

IMG_4943 IMG_4964

After they got the fire going they made popcorn, and more popcorn and more popcorn. Making popcorn over the fire was a big hit! I have got to get one of those popcorn makers.

IMG_4978 IMG_4989

Then they collected plants from the woods to make dyes which were heated up over the fire. After dying the yarn they used different solutions for setting the dyes.


The colors were made by walnuts, blueberries, goldenrod and other yellow plants, and we can’t remember what made the vibrant pink color.


Next everyone had to pitch in to get lunch cooking over the fires. We had vegetable and bean soup along with cooked apple sauce and blueberry/ apple cobbler cooked in Dutch ovens over the fire.



We also got to press apples for fresh cider, yum (much better than the apple juice that we got at the pumpkin farm.)

IMG_5015 IMG_5019

Then we all went on a hike through the woods to the river for a short water study.    IMG_5031 IMG_5044

And here are the goats telling us good-bye.


We had a lot of fun at this program, next time we go we’ll camp the night before and sleep in their dorms. We would like to spend more time exploring the waterfall and river. And have time to play with the animals.


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