Halloween Party

This kids volunteered to work at the local rec centers Halloween party in the haunted house. Its for little and big kids so its not supposed to be too scary. I don’t know these pictures of Beth’s head look pretty scary to me and that’s with the lights on!


Thomas was a warrior ninja of maybe just a knife yielding crazy person dressed all in black. Whatever he was when the lights were out and he followed you around the haunted house he was scary!


I don’t think that cleaver is a safe toy!


Here’s Beth in her whole costume, it was so cute but you never got to see it in the haunted house since she was just a head on a plate.


Poor Ros is in the guillotine.


There’s Thomas with that meat cleaver again.



2 thoughts on “Halloween Party

  1. I always hated those haunted houses where people followed you around. I hope it was more fun to be the scare-er than the scare-ee. Poor Ros as the guillotine girl.

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