Silly Daniel

Apparently Daniel is an impulse buyer and not a very smart one at that. He stopped by the house the other day going directly to my computer and the next thing I know he’s asking for my password for eBay. I should have stopped him right there but he’s almost 20 he should be able to spend 5 minutes on eBay without causing too many problems. Next thing I know I hear moans of complaint from the computer room. He had bid on a “leather” bomber jacket with hat (he really liked the hat more than the jacket) I’m assuming to use for his costume in Adventure at COSI. But immediately after pushing the bid button he realized the size (which was prominently displayed in the title) was 12 months.

Of course, this would be the one time that he actually won what he was bidding on!

No matter how much he tries it’s just NOT going to fit. So anyone out there need a size 12 months “leather” bomber jacket with hat?



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