Birthday Presents

Thomas had been asking for 2 things for his b-day a really good yo-yo (I don’t know what makes a yo-yo really good) and a metal detector. As Thomas said, “a metal detector can pay for you,” I’m not sure how much he thinks he’s worth but he did have a quote of a man finding 2.5 million dollars worth of Mexican pennies with his detector. That seems like a lot of pennies! He must have watched a show about metal detectors on the discovery channel because he sure has a lot of stories about people finding treasures. Do you even know how much a piece of meteorite will go for, if you find it. Again how you identify it as meteorite I’m not sure and where exactly do you find a buyer? Hmm maybe eBay, I bet Daniel would bid on it.

Well needless to say Thomas did get his Metal Detector, since my parents, Dan and I went in on it together we gave it to him when we all met for dinner at the Chines Buffet. And as soon as we got home he headed out to the yard to start looking for treasure. I’m willing to bet my life that my dad would never have allowed us kids to dig up the yard searching for buried treasure. One advantage to having a lawn made of weeds, its just not that big of a deal. I did tell Thomas as he fills in the holes to pull the weeds out of the clumps of dirt, I’m pretty sure he ignored me.


His first find a 3oz lead surf casting weight. Isn’t it ironic that the first thing he finds is a weight for a fishing jig, hmm I wonder if it broke off when Dan was trying to hook one of the kids in the head? Dan claims its not his weight since it’s actually on a key ring and not on the remains of a fishing line. He does however use these weights when fishing in the ocean in North Carolina.


Well we’re not getting rich so far but maybe just maybe we’ll get rid of some of the weeds in the yard!


2 thoughts on “Birthday Presents

  1. I think homeschooling lends itself to get rich quick schemes that the kids come up with. Now that my kids are schoolgoers, they might come up with schemes but never actually carry them out. They’re just too darn tired.

  2. I would have LOVED this gift as a kid. Thomas should search over in Westgate Park/school area. When we lived over there, folks were always finding interesting things with their metal detectors- many of which they claimed came from the old Civil War prison camp there. We saw one man out there in the school yard several times a week – probably just finding school kid change though! 🙂

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