Impromptu Halloween Party

As a friend so wisely said, “if you have two more families getting together than it’s a party.” And that’s what happened on Halloween night, one family asked if they could come by to trick or treat since they had missed their neighborhoods trick or treat night (the only advantage to having trick or treat on multiple nights around the city.) Then an email went out inviting others and the kids talked to their friends and before you know it 9 families, a few college kids, the neighbors and some extra kids thrown in just for fun descended on our house for a Halloween/ Trick or Treating party.

Most of the adults stayed at the house eating, drinking and having our own fun, while the kids were out gathering candy!


Here are a few of our friends in their costumes, heading out…



Even Ann got to go along, but Dan forgot to bring a bag for doggie doo doo, so I got an emergency call to bring a bag a few blocks over.


Here’s Dan already pilfering the kids candy. A few of the dads did go trick or treat with the kids, Dan went along to help direct everyone around the neighborhood. He may have not been the best choice for that job considering how long it took us to find him when we tried to bring a few late comers to the group. After 15 years of living here you’d think he would know the difference between the streets surrounding our house.


Here’s the group of teens off carousing the streets. While Beth is claiming to be dressed up like super-model Twiggy (she doesn’t really know who that is) and Karen is dressed in a 50’s ensemble the rest of the kids went for the ever popular look of American teenager.


Here’s our little Ros as a chicken.


Black and white was the theme of the night.


Finally trick or treating is done and now the very important candy sorting and swapping begins.



Daniel and some of his friends even came by for the festivities. They pretty much grabbed some food and spent the rest of the evening around the camp fire. But we always like when he comes home to visit.


and here’s Dan again looking for hand outs.


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