HighBall Halloween

Beth’s friend Stanley was asked to design a outfit for the Young Designers runway show going on at HighBall Halloween in the Short North, and Stanley asked Beth to be his model. So we headed down to the Short North to watch all the excitement. Before the young designers show, there was a kids costume contest that was very cute and fun to watch.





Later on in the evening there would be an adult costume contest, so the streets were full of interesting characters, it was a great time to be taking pictures on High St.!





Finally the show began. All of the other young designers were REALLY young and they were designing for little kids. So down the runway came lots of little kids, then Beth all 6+ feet of her in her scantily clad dress, then more little kids. It could have been planned a little better. I think 2 shows one for 7-13 and another for 14-18 year olds would be perfect. Really give the high school age designers in the city a place to show off what they’re working on.

But either way Beth still rocked the runway!





3 thoughts on “HighBall Halloween

  1. Tell Stanley that I made chain mail before but I used those metal tops to frozen juice cans. Cute dress, but I guess she couldn’t go braless. Beth looks fabulous as always. Did Stanley win?

    • You made chainmail, why? That sounds pretty cool, how much frozen juice did you have to drink to be able to complete it? Anyways Stanley didn’t actually make the top, it is a shirt from Luxeboheme, he made the skirts that went along with it. I don’t think there were any winners in the show, it was all just for fun.

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