Thomas and that yo-yo

Thomas really wanted a fancy yo-yo for his b-day. I’ve seen him yo-yo a bit with the inexpensive regular yo-yo’s you get at the store, it was never anything exceptional; up and down, walk the dog, around the world, just the regular tricks kids do. Then he started watching YouTube videos about yo-yo tricks (I think all the hula hooping videos segued into yo-yo videos.) Then he started researching yo-yo’s online and several months before his birthday he said the ONLY thing he wanted was a fancy yo-yo and a metal detector. That was it! And he kept talking about that yo-yo. Well as I’ve now learned there are quite a few different types of fancy yo-yo’s for all kinds of different types of tricks (literally I think there are hundreds.)

But Thomas chose the Yomega Maverick yo-yo

The Yomega Maverick is a new all-aluminum yoyo designed for low friction spinning. It has clean lines, an internal wing shape, and is even laser etched to reduce rub points.
Included with the Maverick Yo-yo is the Yomega Mania DVD. It includes maintenance instructions, a yoyo music video, bloopers, and more than 150 tricks filmed in high definition. The DVD has tricks for all skill levels, but this yo yo is best for intermediate and advanced users.

  • Stainless Steel Ball Bearing
  • Weighted outer perimeter
  • Smooth rubber return system
  • Adjustable gap system
  • Durable 6061 Aluminum Alloy (anodized for extra strength)
  • Includes trick book, extra string, and Yomega Mania DVD
  • See that’s a fancy yo-yo! And about that instructional DVD, it is running all time at our house. Whenever Thomas has free time (which he has a lot) he is watching that DVD and trying the tricks. He literally is always yo-yoing, unless he is doing schoolwork or snuggled up in the evening watching TV, he is yo-yoing. And he’s really good, he can actually do most the crazy tricks they do on the DVD, and the really advanced ones that he can’t do yet, I’m sure he’ll have figured out eventually.

    He’s already starting on his Xmas list with the other yo-yo’s he wants. Because you know there is a special yo-yo for all these different tricks!

    ***Thomas just came up to me to show me is finger where the string is leaving a permanent indentation and to tell me that he really needs a yo-yo glove, “because like in that song about about the guy that got his first real six string and he played it until his fingers bled, I’ll probably be yo-yoing until my fingers bleed.” That’s some serious dedication to the yo-yo.




    Rock the baby:





    2 thoughts on “Thomas and that yo-yo

    1. Love those pics! He is really concentrating. I don’t think you should wait until Christmas for the glove – it sounds serious. 🙂

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