Peppers, peppers and more peppers

Last week when the weather was turning really cold I decided it was time to finally harvest all the green peppers that were floating around the yard. Dan likes to put pepper plants wherever he can find space.

I ended up with 5 big bowls of peppers; sweet, medium and hot.



First I decided to pickle the hot peppers. I ended up with 12 jelly jars of pickled peppers. Dan had pickled 8 pint jars of peppers earlier in the summer, so I think we’ll have more than enough pickled peppers to get through the year.



The next day I chopped up all the Poblano peppers and sealed then in freezer bags, I ended up with 10 bags, each with 2 cups of peppers. Even with gloves on I could feel a little bit of the heat getting to my fingers. These pepper plants were super prolific, each plant had at least 30 peppers on it.


Then finally a few days later I got around to chopping up the sweet peppers. I decided to chop up some onions also and seal the mixture in freezer bags. I got 4 bags with 2 cups peppers and 2 cups of onions each.


I didn’t have as many bags of sweet peppers as I usually do for the winter, which is too bad. I really don’t like to buy peppers since the organic ones are so expensive and almost all the peppers are coming in from Mexico. I guess the kids will just have to learn to live with the heat of the hot peppers.


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