Homeschooling…but what do we do??

That’s a big question, our neighbor and graduated homeschooler is working on a college research project looking at different groups in society. She chose homeschoolers and came along to our co-op to observe. After 2 weeks of observing she interviewed a few of the participants. When she interviewed me she asked what our homeschool day looks like, what type of program do we use, do we have a typical day? Um… well first off every day is different, dictated by what outside activities are going on. Our type of homeschooling is community based (I just made that up) we don’t spend a lot of time at home doing school work.

One thing we do, that we really love is our Friday co-op, all the moms teach different topics to a group of 26 kids. This session we have been studying Medieval times. So Thomas in his literature class has read Beowulf and is now reading Canterbury Tales, he also does a gym class, and a music class where they are writing and performing a medieval musical. Then we all eat lunch and move on to a large group activity. Every 2 weeks is taught by a different pair of moms and covers a different medieval topic. So far the topics have included: overview of Medieval Times & architecture, Medieval medicine and herbs, a day in the life of Medieval people…Armor, chivalry and becoming a knight.

We’ve also had to 2 field trips trips to local castles: Loveland Castle & Mac-O-Chee castle (which isn’t really a castle after all.)

For my 2 weeks I provided wooden shields and swords that were used when the kids were knighted. The kids went through stations learning about being a page, squire and finally a knight. And you certainly can not be knight without your weapons!

Here is Thomas working on cutting out 1 of the 30 swords that needed to be done. He also helped cut out and sand all the shields that we made.


That purple sword that we were using as a template is actually my sword. Beth claims I gave it to her but I don’t think so, I’m pretty sure that Shera Princess of Power needs her own sword!



After having some technical difficulties with the band saw (thanks to Daniel breaking the blade) Dan had to hop in and help or we may never have finished. After the band saw proved fruitless Dan switched over to the jigsaw to finish up.


Here is the group pledging their Code of Honor and preparing to be knighted by me Queen Sheila

Pauli and Thomas were having a serious battle, I think Pauli may have got the best of Thomas.


Next Beth jumped in, why is everyone picking on poor Pauli?


Pauli the victor!


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