Getting our Xmas tree

We try to always go cut down our Xmas tree from a you-cut farm. I say try because a couple years the tree farms had such pitiful selections we actually did have to go to the YMCA to buy a tree. This is not generally a fun family trip, although Dan always tries to make that way. It’s usually cold and snowy and one or more kids does NOT want to be going and usually I don’t either. But for some reason this years Xmas tree adventure WAS the perfect family trip. Maybe because it was sunny outside and just slightly chilly. Or maybe because we actually found a Xmas tree farm that wasn’t just some guys back yard that needed to be clear cut. Or possibly it was the stop for UDF peppermint ice cream on the way to the farm. Whatever it was we all had a great time with no complaining, and lots of Xmas music for the 45 min drive.

This was the first tree we saw but since we found it within 15 seconds of walking onto the farm we thought we should keep looking.


The farm supplies you with a saw and sled to cut down your tree and haul it back to the front of the farm.


Another good looking tree, but a little to fat for our house. We have high ceiling so tall trees are OK but we have a small house so I think the tree needs to be skinny. I always lose on that one though and we end up with fat trees year after year.IMG_6294

This looks like a good one too…


Then somehow we ended up with this scraggly tree. No one seemed to notice the weird shape when we finally chose it. It’s definitely a skinny tree, now that its in the house I actually think its too skinny.


I started the initial cutting


Then Thomas finished it up…



Thomas was being very dramatic about pulling the tree back.


They even had a wreath picture spot so, of course, we had to take more pictures. Notice the smiling faces!



Too much brotherly/ sisterly love and it turns into a wrestling match



We will definitely return to this farm in the future! Cackler Family Farms



2 thoughts on “Getting our Xmas tree

  1. We’ve been looking for a new Christmas tree farm. Thanks for finding one. I can’t stand having a tree up from Thanksgiving, so we haven’t gotten one yet, but Grace won’t be back until Dec. 16, so can I wait that long? Should I just let Earl and the boys pick one or will Grace be too sad? Hard choices.

  2. We waited last year until later in Dec. then Beth and I ended up in St. Louis and missed it, so Dan took the boys and Alicia (who had missed her bus home to Chicago.) This year Daniel didn’t get to join us because he had papers he needed to finish but we’re holding off decorating it until he can be here.

    It is hard. I would say if picking out the tree is important to Grace than you should wait, you don’t want her to feel excluded from holiday stuff.

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