YoYo Champ at COSI

Sat morning I noticed this tweet from COSI:

Santa, holiday treats, @gamaonline Game Room, Holiday light show, world class YO-YO & Top Spinning artists. it’s today! Included w/admission

World Class YO-YO artist!! Well we had to go. So I gathered up Thomas and Beth and off to COSI we went. We headed straight to the atrium where there were all kinds of classic toys set up on tables. I think I was expecting a young, punkish, skate board looking, tattooed, Asian spinning yo-yo’s, since that’s who we seem to see in all the you-tube videos. Instead we were directed to the 2 older gentlemen in the corner that were playing with spinning tops.

We headed over to watch what they were doing but they seemed more interested in talking to each other than interacting with us. So after a few minutes we wandered to the gaming room to check out all the Settler of Catan (another favorite thing in our house) type games. The gaming room wasn’t quite set up yet so we headed back to the atrium to see if we could make any headway with the YO-YO guys.

This time I managed to get a word in and asked Dr. Zeemo what do you need to be To-Yo Champ, his response, “string, a yo-yo and little bit of time.” I guess I didn’t phrase my question correctly. OK lets try a different tact, Thomas oblivious to all outside stimuli took out his yo-yo and started doing what he does. Well this finally caught the yo-yo guys attention, apparently Thomas is pretty good. Besides Dr. Zeemo there was another gentleman, Mike Hout that is involved with a yo-yo group in Miamisburg, OH. They put together an annual competition, much like a spelling bee you keep progressing through the ranks local, state, national then international. After seeing what Thomas could do he said if we were available in February, if we were they would build a event around Thomas. This strikes me as very funny, I think the local yo-yo world is hurting for some fresh blood. But we are excited that we finally found a somewhat local competition that Thomas can try out.


Dr. Zeemo demonstrating his art.


Thomas really does seem to be oblivious to everything when he yo-yo’s but if I ask him questions about what was said he can repeat it all back, I think yo-yoing may help him concentrate.



2 thoughts on “YoYo Champ at COSI

  1. Ohhh! That would be fun! I hope they do build an event around Thomas – we could all come cheer for him. He really is fun to watch.

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