Ta-Da the quilt is complete

Yesterday’s snow day was the perfect day to spend sewing. Plus I had received the fleece blanket in the mail that I was planning on using for the back of the quilt. Kohl’s was having a sale (go figure) I got the fleece blanket with shipping for $3, that’s cheaper than buying material so I figured I’d give it a shot.

I laid out the quilt, batting, and fleece blanket, then used large safety pins to hold it all together. I then attempted to sew around the edge. That was a little tricky since the sweaters kept stretching. Things moved around a little bit, but it all came together in the end.IMG_6795


I did have to cut off some of the sweater layer since the fleece wasn’t quite the same size. I saved the scraps and will reuse them in other projects.

Instead of using flannel to do the edging, like I had planned, I decided to use a zig-zag stitch and just sew the perimeter a couple times. It would have been handy to have a serger but I don’t. I liked the way it stretched the edge giving it a scalloped look. I thought it fit better with the design than doing a solid border.


I think the super soft fleece was a nice compliment to the wool sweaters. For the actual quilting I used my sewing machine and just did a crosshatching at the corners of the blocks. (Man that sounded technical, I have no idea if that is the right way to phrase that.) I had planned on hand sewing using colorful embroidery floss, but in the end decided that the sewing machine would do a better job.



Voila a completed project, and I think it turned out awesome!


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