never-ending non-shopping

Man for someone that has given up buying anything new for the next year I sure am spending a lot of time in stores. The kids had some Xmas money and gift cards that they wanted to use so yesterday I took Thomas to GameStop and Target to look at video games. He ended up with 2 used games for his “new” used PSP, both games together came to $10 since they were used, that was a great deal since new games average around $30 each. Thomas didn’t buy anything at Target but I did pick up some Kleenex since Thomas’ cold has returned.

Then Beth had $200 to spend at American Apparel so we spent a couple hours trying to find clothing that she could wear in Ohio and not just New York, their clothes seem a bit out of place in the Midwest. What made it even trickier was she had 4, $50 vouchers to spend so she had to make 4 separate purchases that were at least $50 but because she didn’t want to spend too much of her money she didn’t want to go over $50 any more than she’d have to. We were in the store so long my meter expired and I had to go put more change in it. She did finally get it all figured out (after trying on everything in the store!) She ended up spending $40 of her own money but walked out of the store with $240 worth of clothing. Since all 4 vouchers only cost $50 it did end up being a pretty good deal, even with their very expensive clothing. But at least it all made in America!

Then today I made a stop at the thrift store while Thomas was at an art class down the street. I found some awesome deals and did end up spending money but used items are allowed so I’m still following the rules. I got 3 leather belts (2 were from Old Navy and 1 was from Structure) they were 1.99 each. Thomas insisted I buy a nice looking tripod for $4, we have been looking at tripods for quite awhile but had been hesitant to spend $100 or more on one. I also got 18 forks and knives, all matching with a nice heavy feel to them for .10 each (for some reason we keep running out of forks so we had been wanting to buy some for awhile.) I also got 6 metal tart pans for .59, a torte pan for 3.99, a fathers day gift for Dan (Beth found it and insisted I buy it since he had seen the same thing at the store recently and really wanted it but didn’t want to pay $40 for it) I got it for 4.99 (it was unused with stickers still on it) and last and definitely least was a mini mannequin that Beth had to have, she claims she’ll be able to practice draping on it. All said and done I spent $32 at the thrift store.

Yesterday when I was paying bills I put aside my first 20% into savings, oh my that is way more money than I anticipated. Previously I’ve not been able to save $100 a month how I’m going to make the budget work with putting $760 a month into savings is beyond me. These trips to the thrift store are NOT going to happen very often, that’s for sure.


One thought on “never-ending non-shopping

  1. Not shopping may mean you have to think about shopping a lot more. You can’t just run out and buy things that you find you need. Sounds like some good purchases though. Photos please of Beth with her new clothes and her mini mannequin.

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