Beth’s bounty from American Apparel

First off here’s the cute mini mannequin that we scored at the thrift store for $9, you can see how much smaller it is than the blue form in back. Beth thinks if she uses the mini the clothes may actually fit her since the other mannequin is too big for her size.


Here’s what Beth purchased for a whopping $240 (but only $40 of her own money)

First off was this sack dress, which comes with its own instruction manual and the ability to wear it in about a million different ways. After Beth got it home she realized its just 2 square pieces of material sewn together with a couple slits cut in it and a rope around the top. Easily replicated by anyone with basic sewing skills. She’s debating returning the dress and making her own.


she also got the purple belt as a filler item to get to $50.


Next was this simple summer dress that is really cute on her. She added a pair of knee high socks to get this to $50.


And here is Beth’s FAVORITE outfit, the grey top is actually a body suit and she LOVES the saggy granny panty shorts! She can’t wait to wear this during the summer. This outfit was also just over $50.



Her other Fav is this cape (hopefully,  she’ll wear it with pants outside of her bedroom) it looks like a hooded shirt in this picture but it really is a cape. This was the most expensive purchase, I think it was about $15 over the required $50. And yes, those are fishnet stockings she’s wearing with it, those came from target…


…along with these combat boots. Beth also had some Xmas money she was planning on using for knee high boots. But shopping for a size 11 boot is not easy and these looked way better than any of the tall boots.



I just love this picture, if only there was a bed skirt covering the mattress.



2 thoughts on “Beth’s bounty from American Apparel

  1. dont the shorts count against that no pants this summer rule…I thought it was all dresses and skirts. I use to have boots just like those but burgandy

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