More pics from St. Louis

On Friday Beth was at a shoot all day with Jill and Attilio along with some assistants and interns. They are the nicest people and Beth loves working with them. Luckily we get to see them almost every time we go St. Louis.

Here’s Beth in her cape from American Apparel, it was the hit of the day. It was so loved that they decided to start the shoot with her wearing it. And off course no pants, that was the theme of the day. I teased Jill that maybe next time we did a shoot with them pants would be back in fashion.


I mentioned the shoes yesterday, Beth loves all the shoes she gets to wear in the shoots. Unfortunately, she wears a size 11 and most of the sample shoes are size 10 or smaller. So she squeezes into what she can and they improvise the rest.

With this pair they had to use a safety pin to stretch the strap since her heal is hanging so far off the back.


But that was OK since they were covering them with leg warmers.


These ones look like they fit pretty well, just a little hang over.





Here is Attilio shooting Beth, we LOVE Attilio (and his faithful sidekick Jill) they are the ones that put together St. Louis Fashion Week and did the editorial of Beth for Corridor 40.




Beth got to model with another new model Blake Myers, that has already done some work in New York and is getting ready to head to London. It really helped Beth to see how she moves in front of the camera.



Here’s Jeff updating his pictures of Beth. This was the first time he’d seen Beth in a year and he was giddy with excitement at how she’s grown up. I love all the tush shots of Beth, she’s got the cutest little hiney. I couldn’t help but take pictures of it, just like when she was a baby. And we got to see a lot of it since it was a pantless shoot.


These shoes were the really painful ones, she had to curl her toes under to make them fit. Plus she had them on for a pretty long time. The whole shoot took 8 hours with about 4 wardrobe changes so she could have each pair on a few hours. I asked her why she didn’t ask to change shoes if they were really bad and she said that would make it worse, after awhile your toes get used to it and with a different pair of shoes you’d have to start all over. It sounds like ancient foot binding techniques. Ouch!


Last Beth got to wear these heavy combat boots. The theme for this look was feathers.


On Sat Beth was back for a short shoot with Attilio & Jill then off to see Stephen for a video & photo shoot. Stephen is the first photographer to shoot Beth and she always enjoys working with him. He has such a quiet gentleness about him that you wouldn’t expect from all the tattoos covering his arms.


Finally a pair of shoes that fit, Beth got to wear her own shoes for this shoot.


One of Stephen’s Chihuahua’s was watching the shoot.


It was another great trip to St. Louis! Thanks to my dad for driving us there and chauffeuring us around the city. And for being my gambling partner in the evenings. I just broke even but I almost got that elusive royal flush…



1 thought on “More pics from St. Louis

  1. I’m glad you posted these – it’s hard to imagine what a shot is really like. Man, though, your girl is all legs – wish she could give me a couple inches!

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