No spending in 2011

Is still going strong, of course I’m only 13 days into the challenge. I am coming up with a mental list of items that I “need” but will have to live without. The plunger for my vita mix that I accidentally chopped up last year, a new lead free crock pot, supplies for my new art class, yet another new camera bag…

My plan for the plunger is to tell the vita mix representative, that I sometimes see at Costco, my sob story of destruction and hope they take pity on my and give me an extra. Last time I was there and mentioning my issue he said he would have given me one but he already gave away all his extras.

As for the crock pot did you know that there have been news stories done on the high lead levels that crock pots leach out during cooking (due to lead in the glaze.) Of course, the worst brand is Rival which is what both my crockpots are. Unfortunately, I can’t really figure out a safe brand to go with. So in the mean time and until 2012 I’ll just quit using my crock pot and switch over to my cast iron pots and slow cooking in the oven. That’s a big bummer!

I’m also trying to figure out how I’m going to cover supplies for an art class that I’m taking. It’s metal working/ jewelry making something I’ve never done before so I don’t already own any of the stuff. However, we do have a pretty well stocked shop so I guess I’ll have to go searching and see what I can come up with. Dan did say he has some sheets of copper out there that I can use, so that’s a start. On the upside if this class works out I think I could end up making some pretty cool gifts.

I’m ready to make another trip to the thrift store, my sweater supply has depleted and I’m right in the midst of making another quilt that needs some additional squares. Not sure if I’ll be able to hold out until 1/2 price day at the end of the month or not I’m, thinking not.

I had no problem not shopping in St. Louis last weekend. But this coming weekend my mom, Beth, Melissa and I are going for an all weekend scrapbooking event. I’ll need to pack up all the supplies I think I may need because I won’t be buying any extras while I’m there! Since we tend to only scrapbook once a year at this weekend event I really don’t need to buy anything else!

It will be much harder to stay strong this weekend but I’m gonna do it!


2 thoughts on “No spending in 2011

  1. You can do it, Sheila! Also, I don’t know if we have anything you’d need for the jewelry class, but if you post what you need, I’d be happy to look. You know I don’t keep things we don’t use! 🙂

  2. Hope Melissa doesn’t get in trouble with the scrapbooking ladies again, like we did that time I went along. You didn’t mention that you went out for coffee.

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