Sewing a pouffe

pouffe:a large firm kind of cushion used as a seat.

Daniel is really into his Hookah, so much so that he was decorating his bedroom in an Indian/ Turkish kinda vibe. When we were out shopping on Black Friday he really wanted me to buy him some floor cushions at World Market, but I reminded him that I had 2 big couch pillows at home that I could recover and make him 2 pillows. We had bought a cheap black sheet back in September for that very purpose but it and the cushions just sat. Finally today I could take them lying on the office floor no more.

I think the problem was I really didn’t want to mess with making piping and for the pillows to look good they would need more definition than just sewing 2 pieces of material together. So I looked for ideas on-line and finally decided to turn them into round pillows and do a parachute type of cover.

I VERY crudely sewed the corners on the square cushions into a roundish shape.


Next I needed to make a pattern. So I searched the house for a tape measure, finally giving up and just folding a piece of paper until I had a pie shape that I thought would work, I then drew it out right on the pillow. I had picked 3 colors to use and my pattern made 10 pie pieces, which meant 1 color would end up butting up against itself. So I made my pattern an inch bigger and hoped for the best. Without a tape measure it was done rather haphazard.


Then I just started piecing it all together. The black material is from the sheet, the brown is a suede-like material that I’ve had in a bin for about 10 years, and the purple is a velvet that was part of my bedroom curtains (also for about 10 years) that I recently cut shorter so they would hang better.



I very carefully followed the same pattern so the colors would match up when I sewed the 2 sides together, and yet look what happened. Oh well I decided I like how the black segments come together and the colors reverse. Its almost like I meant to do that (I didn’t on the first pillow, but I did on the second.)


This is how the cushion started and what I turned it into. I love how it turned out!


I still need to add the zippers and I want to put a button in the center that will squish the centers together. Ahh… it just occurred to me that if I sew a button in the center I wont be able to take the cover off so there is no need for the zipper. Maybe I’ll just hand sew the opening together add the buttons and be done.


I think they both turned out really cool, although not really big enough to use as floor pillows, unless you have a tiny rump. Hopefully, Daniel will like them and if he doesn’t he’s got a brother, sister and mom that would all like to keep them.


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