Demolition 2011

Finally we have made some serious headway on our massive renovation of the main floor of our house. We (umm I should say I, Dan wasn’t quite committed at this point) started half heartedly on this grandiose scheme back in Jan. 2010 (see this post for the before pics.) I did get the room emptied out early on but then Daniel was going to move home for the summer during his transition from dorm room to apartment. Since he would be sleeping in the room and filling it up with all his stuff I couldn’t really start tearing things down quite yet (at least that’s the excuse I’m using.) Then after he moved out in Sept. Thomas started slowly tearing the walls down. It was done mostly by throwing knifes, axes and throwing stars at the walls (boys are so strange, Dan and Daniel also enjoyed that part of the demolition.)


Things were put on hold yet again over the holidays so we could store some extra furniture in the room to make space for our Xmas tree, we also need the space for our annual New Years Eve Party. IMG_0258IMG_0260

After Dan’s dad had seen our lackadaisical approach to the demolition he took it upon himself to start coming over here once a week to really get the ball rolling. That started 1 month ago and now the room is a shell of its previous life.


and here where we are today, all the plaster is down, the ceiling is down, there’s a little bit of drywall that needs to come down and a couple walls of lathe board that needs to come down.



Once all that is down we’ll clean the room the best we can, put plastic up on all the walls and ceiling then move the office into this room so we can start the demo on the office room. I think things will really start moving along a lot quicker now that we can see some major progress.


2 thoughts on “Demolition 2011

  1. Such fun partying in front of the studs (on the wall I mean). I think you’d better explain the whole project because it just seems confusing that you are demolishing all the rooms in your house!

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