Fabulous Thrift Store Finds

Since I may be making a trip out of town in the near future, I decided to make a trip to the thrift store in search of the perfect outfit. It’s not 1/2 price day and I already have gone to the thrift store once this month so I’m breaking my thrift store spending rules but damn it is the thrift store and that was a dumb rule! At least I didn’t go to the mall in search of the perfect outfit.

I found some really exciting items and 1 or 2 not quite sure if they’ll work kinda items.

I found 4 skinny belts, for .99 each. Much better price than the $20 I spent on a skinny belt at Macy’s back in Dec. (I did end up returning it.)


A gray skirt from H&M for $4.99


This is actually a black v-neck t-shirt (the flash made it look washed out, but its not) for .99


A heavier black, Jones of NY t-shirt for 1.99


Oooh I love this little fishing vest for my niece, 1.99


Gray Newport News silk, cashmere, angora blend sweater 4.99


I’m not sure about this sweater dress, I thought maybe I could do something with this. It’s actually 2 pieces, the next pic is with the jacket, 1.99 for both pieces


the flash makes it look washed out and kinda frumpy so I’m really not sure.


Jones of NY skirt .99


I loved this red jacket, it has 3/4 length sleeves 1.99


Ooh this was exciting a Halston vintage coat (I’m really not sure if its vintage but it sounds so much cooler to say that) 2.99


I hate to say a sweater vest but I guess that’s what this is, either way it cute .99


This is so cool, it’s a BCBG Max Azria top (I’ve never noticed that line at the thrift store before)  .99


Brown, 100% cashmere sweater 1.99


And the crème de la crème, a Louis Vuitton clutch for 8.99. The jury’s still out on whether this is real or not. I couldn’t find any pics online that match the design.


All said the total was $39, more than I like to spend but I think I got some really fun items.


3 thoughts on “Fabulous Thrift Store Finds

  1. Now you’re all about the labels! Cute clothes. I need a new coat, maybe I should consider the thrift store, but the cost to have it drycleaned seems like it would eat up the savings.

    • I always look for designer labels at the thrift store, that’s part of the fun. As for the cleaning I expect it to cost about $15, still way less expensive than new.

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