Some more pics of Beth at NYFW

These 2 pictures are from the Jeremy Laing show Beth did on Friday:

Fullscreen capture 2112011 75802 PMFullscreen capture 2112011 75824 PM

The Jeremy Laing show was a presentation, which means the girl just stand still while the crowd watches and photographers snap away.

Jeremy Laing group

I love that Beth’s picture was on the NPR site, how cool is that?

Fullscreen capture 2102011 105632 PM

This is the only picture I’ve been able to find of Beth at the Tim Hamilton exhibition: (at least I think that’s Beth)

Tim Hamilton

Here’s a close up of Beth from Richard Chai:

Fullscreen capture 2112011 44715 PM

This is a backstage picture of Beth texting next to designer Richard Chai:

Beth backstage Richard Chai

Here’s another video clip of the Richard Chai show with some backstage footage and interview with Richard Chai. If you watch closely you’ll spot Beth back stage texting yet again or possibly playing fruit ninja (yeah, I have no idea either…)


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